EJOT ANCHOR FIX® – Anchor dimensioning made easy

With the brand new version of EJOT ANCHOR FIX®, the free dimensioning software for anchoring, EJOT is offering a very helpful tool for the static dimensioning of anchoring in your projects Specially developed for structural engineers, specifiers, engineers and technicians, the software can also be used as a handy guide in the pre-planning phase.

With EJOT ANCHOR FIX®, the limits of the load-carrying capacity of EJOT anchoring products such as through bolts and concrete screws in concrete substrates can be determined. Another new feature is the possibility of dimensioning nylon and chemical anchors in concrete and masonry. EJOT CROSSFIX® has also now been fully integrated. In addition, with the new software version, a design for fire and seismic load cases is possible. EJOT ANCHOR FIX® still allows you to directly input data from site extraction tests and their evaluation in accordance with regulations. The targeted selection of the calculation methods for single vs. multiple fastening of various products offers the user application safety.

Planning reliability on the part of the user is achieved by the output of individual quantity requirements for chemical anchors and this also has variable setting levels. All additional documents such as approvals and product data sheets can be easily accessed, directly via the software.

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